Why Photography ?

Before I chose the life of being a photographer, I wanted to be DJ. I wanted to be like Steve Aoki, making Instrumentals and having artists singing lyrics. And I didn’t know anything about making music. And so I scratched DJ off my list. So I said to myself what now? And when I gotten into Journalism, I had experience with Digital Cameras and my first year, I wasn’t good at all. In my opinion, I thought I was below average. And the Sport editor and writing editors put me in boring sports and I said okay Photography may not be my thing. And my Journalist teacher wanted me to sign up for the next year, which would be my Senior year. And it would be my second and last chance at Journalism. So, my second semester I got a lot better. Even my teacher, Mr. Howard, was even impressed of my work and even admitted to me that i got a lot better. And i said to myself “Maybe Photography is for me? the better I do, I can get people to work for.” And after Graduating High School, I wanted to evolve. That same year when I started College, D.G.R Photography was born. It started as a Photography Instagram account to my own brand.